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Sit back and relax, we have you covered!

All you need to know about home investments...


For my very first post I will just put out there what I plan to write about..

As you probably guessed by the title of the page, I plan to write about real estate. I am a Weichert Realtors sales associate located in the Westfield, NJ office. What I bring to the table for my customers is a strong business acumen, and great knowledge of the towns in Union County New Jersey. My knowledge of the area comes from spending my life here. I grew up in Cranford, NJ, and now reside in Westfield, NJ.

Many of the people I grew up and went to high school with, have chosen to return to these towns to live and raise their families. Why? It is a great place to live.

Union County is located within a short commute to New York. Many recreation activities are a short drive away Jersey Shore ~1h, Western NJ/easter PA offer skiing and other outdoor activies ~1-1.5 hrs, etc. Newark International Airport is about 20 mins away, and provides access to destinations all over the world. I can go on, and on.

Our location has allowed the real estate market to weather the storm over the past few years much better than what the national data says. With the economy slowly mending, the spring 2012 housing market is off to a great start.

I will post facts and information on the local real estate market to help you be better informed of what is happening. Also look for other tips, etc. on home ownership.

Posted in Real Estate Post Date 02/01/2016






Appraisal Overview

There are three approaches to value that we can consider – Income, Cost and Direct Sales Comparison. Depending on your property, we will gladly explain which approaches apply and can aid us in determining the market value, if that is the value that is sought after. There are many kinds of value that can be required, but, by far, market value is the most commonly required. This requires an in depth and firsthand knowledge of the local market place.

Common Myths

MYTH: An appraisal is the same as a Realtors Opinion of Value.

FALSE. An appraisal is an in depth view of the property with features and factors being compared to other properties with similar features and factors. The sales considered have to meet the definition of market value as laid out in CUSPAP. Appraisals signed by designated members have usefulness for financing and estate planning and settlement, whereas opinions of value typically do not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of an appraisal?

That will depend on the purpose of the appraisal and the location of the property. How long will it take to complete the appraisal once an inspection takes place. Again, depending on the purpose of the appraisal, a typical re-financing assignment will be completed for the lender within 3 days. Referrals – our Clients have included Financial Institutions, Law Offices, The Federal Government, Private Lenders, Personal Property Owners, to mention a few.


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