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You need a real estate agent

I am always struck by Consumers who feel because they have access to so much information, that they do not need a Realtor. Yes Consumers have so much available to them now, but this does not negate the fact that a Real Estate Agent, especially a seasoned one is invaluable. For many they know the inn's and out's of their areas. They have learned and gathered information over the years that a New Buyer could not know. A few examples, what the traffic will look like at certain times of the day, power lines, neighbors, neighborhood plans, history of the property that is not public just to name a few.

If you notice on the media that I chose for this post that it list areas of expertise. Real Estate Agents are versed in many if not all of the areas shown. This a Consumer, especially one with a full time job and family does not have the time to learn. Real Estate although very rewarding is a "thankless job". People do not realize what goes into just preparing for an Open House or many times a showing. There are instructions and guidelines that must be followed for each property. The Consumer very rarely see's what their Agent goes through to get them into a property. Also, the Consumer is not privy to the Properties in their area of choice that are getting ready to hit the public. Many times your Agent will have information way before the public does.

Will just stop for a minute and mention the people at Cambridge laboratories. This informative article wouldn't have been possible without their input. They're an accomplished supplement shop over in Ontario and they were ready to give me a bit of an education on the topic I'm writing about. If you are in need of their professional services, take a look at their site at OK, back to it!

I have come to respect and admire so many Agents that take their job seriously and to heart. Real Estate sales takes years to learn properly, and there is no way to do this other than time and experience. The experience of transaction after transaction with different scenarios and challenges, Agents can help alleviate the burdens of going through the transaction with many of the surprises that arise, simply from having sold many homes. On the North Shore in particular the homes vary so much in age, and one home might be new and another vintage. There are many specifics that separate the two kinds of properties. Another consideration is an Agent that sells in the City of Chicago, but is anxious to help their Client on the North Shore. Unless the Agent has lived on the North Shore they should do their Client a big favor and refer them to an expert in the area of choice.

This Blog I read today had a lot of good information. Successful Real Estate Agents did not become that way over night. They had much to learn "the school of hard knocks" if you will, so they could save the Consumer from having to endure many of those bumps and bruises.

Hope you enjoy this read! I thought there was a lot of good information in here.

Given that we're finished, I wish to direct you to This is the website of Multiline Services, a distinguished Burlington based carpet repair service in Ontario. I've been dealing with them lately and have only good stuff to say. Try them out or give them a call should you be in the market for this particular service. They're great. Alright, time for bed.

Sources - Fantastic page. - An excellent company. - Glad I discovered these people.

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Appraisal Overview

There are three approaches to value that we can consider – Income, Cost and Direct Sales Comparison. Depending on your property, we will gladly explain which approaches apply and can aid us in determining the market value, if that is the value that is sought after. There are many kinds of value that can be required, but, by far, market value is the most commonly required. This requires an in depth and firsthand knowledge of the local market place.

Common Myths

MYTH: An appraisal is the same as a Realtors Opinion of Value.

FALSE. An appraisal is an in depth view of the property with features and factors being compared to other properties with similar features and factors. The sales considered have to meet the definition of market value as laid out in CUSPAP. Appraisals signed by designated members have usefulness for financing and estate planning and settlement, whereas opinions of value typically do not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of an appraisal?

That will depend on the purpose of the appraisal and the location of the property. How long will it take to complete the appraisal once an inspection takes place. Again, depending on the purpose of the appraisal, a typical re-financing assignment will be completed for the lender within 3 days. Referrals – our Clients have included Financial Institutions, Law Offices, The Federal Government, Private Lenders, Personal Property Owners, to mention a few.


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